Quincy Recreation Project

A strong, attractive community must provide a variety of recreational opportunities to appeal to residents of all ages. Parks, linear paths, and other assets are necessary to attract and retain residents and businesses. The number, type, and quality of the recreational opportunities provided directly impact the quality of life within a community.

Quincy Joint Recreation Plan

Providing recreational opportunities requires effort from all sectors of a community: public sector, semi-public organizations, private businesses, residents, and other private individuals and institutions. The Quincy Joint Recreation Plan (PDF) represents the community's desires to provide quality recreational opportunities that will continue to make Quincy a strong community.

The Village of Quincy and Quincy Township are collaborating on several areas, including the creation of a Joint Planning Commission and the creation of this Joint Recreation Plan. It has become very obvious that governmental entities, especially those in rural areas, must collaborate to insure success

This document sets for the Community's official recreation goals and objectives along with an Action Plan for the implementation of these goals. The plan will focus on the opportunities provided by the Village of Quincy, those opportunities that could be provided with Quincy Township, and opportunities provided by Quincy Community Schools and other local government.