Community Notifications

Significant Alerts

Quincy Michigan has launched a new mass notification system for it's citizens. CivicReady is a communication service available to our citizens to receive emergency and routine notifications.

Examples of routine notifications include:

  • Upcoming Events
  • City office closings
  • Road closures

Examples of emergency notifications include:

  • Severe weather alerts
  • Missing persons
  • Evacuations

Website Notifications

Stay up-to-date with website news by subscribing to Notify Me lists that interest you. By signing up, you can receive automatic alerts for:

  • Council agendas & minutes
  • News items
  • Calendar updates & events
  • Bid postings

Alerts can be receive via email or text. Personalize and subscribe to these notifications today!

Complete CivicReady Signup

You have the ability to customize your notification preferences by completing the signup form. Communication can be received through email, text and/or phone call according to your selections and address. We will contact you through CivicReady in the event of an emergency or other routine events based on your subscription preferences. View the signup form to see recent messages sent and available groups for you to join. Signup today to stay informed!